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Jerry HunterDirector of Facilities
Email:  jhunter5@wisc.edu
Campus Address:  Rm. 272, 1509 University Avenue
Phone:  608-263-1073

John Jacobs, Associate Instrumentation Innovator/Laboratory Manager for Surface Science and X-ray
Instruments: Perkin Elmer PHI Model 670, Perkin Elmer 5400 ESCA, Digital Instruments AFM
Email: jacobs@engr.wisc.edu
Campus Address:  Rm. 115C, 1509 University Avenue
Phone: 608-262-3787

Anna Kiyanova, Specialist/Laboratory Manager for the Soft Materials Laboratory
Instruments:   TA Instruments DSC, TGA, Rheometer, DMA, Waters/Viscotek GPC systems, Oxygen Plasma Etcher, OCA 15/20 Contact Angle Measuring Device
Email: anna.kiyanova@wisc.edu
Campus Address:  4735 Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Drive
Phone: 608-263-1735
Alexander Kvit, Associate Instrumentation Innovator/Laboratory Manager for TEM (Physical)
Instruments: FEI Titan, FEI Tecnai T-12 G2, Philips CM200 UT.
Email: kvit@wisc.edu
Campus Address:  Rm. 115D, 1509 University Avenue
Phone: 608-265-4458
Julie Last, Assistant Instrumentation Innovator,  Biological Imaging applications: MSC and LOCI
Instruments: Zeiss 510 confocal, Bruker Catalyst AFM (bioAFM), and Hysitron Nanoindenter
Email:  jalast@wisc.edu
Campus Address:  Rm. 115A, 1509 University Avenue
Phone:   608-262-3613

Richard Noll, Instrumentation Innovator/Laboratory Manager for SEM
Instruments: LEO 1530 FESEM, Zeiss 1540XB CrossBeam FIB Workstation
Email: noll@engr.wisc.edu
Campus Address: Rm. 115B, 1509 University Avenue
Phone: 608-263-3667

Donald Savage
, Associate Instrumentation Innovator/Laboratory Manager for X-ray
Instruments: Bruker/Siemens Hi-Star 2d Diffractometer, PANalytical X’Pert PRO, Stoe, Rigaku Small-angle X-ray Scattering System, Aramis Confocal Raman Microscope
Email: dsavage@wisc.edu
Campus Address: Rm. 1231 ERB, 1500 Engineering Drive
Phone: 608-263-0831