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Zeiss Auriga Focused Ion Beam FE SEM

Rick Noll

Auriga Focused Ion Beam FE SEM


Combining the ultra high resolution GEMINI® field emission column with the high performance Canion FIB column into one integrated system, the 1540XB CrossBeam® workstation is the perfect solution for three dimensional analysis with no compromises on SEM imaging capabilities. The live SEM imaging capability of the 1540XB CrossBeam® during FIB operation mode gives full control when analyzing critical samples. The stage is fully mechanically eucentric with compucentric rotate and tilt capability, allowing easy sample setup for SEM imaging or Focused Ion Beam work. The 1500XB CrossBeam® series offers a comprehensive and versatile multi-channel gas injection system for ion beam deposition of metals or insulators and for enhanced etching. A wealth of options exist on the MSC system including a 5 gas injector system, an in situ micromanipulator, and SE, Inlens SE, Inlens BSE, STEM and EDS detectors.

Key Features

  • Ultra high resolution FESEM with unique GEMINI® column
  • High performance CANION FIB column
  • CrossBeam® operation: high resolution live imaging during milling and polishing
  • Endpoint detection for automated milling
  • Automated TEM preparation software package
  • Super eucentric, fully motorised stage
  • Highly reliable dry pumping system
  • Multi-channel gas injection system for material deposition and enhanced or selective etching
  • Image archiving, networking and hardcopy solutions from the integral Windows® operating system
  • Inlens BSE detector
  • STEM detector





1540XB CrossBeam®




1.1 nm @ 20 kV
2.5 nm @ 1 kV

7 nm @ 30 kV guaranteed,
5 nm achievable


20x - 900kx

600x - 500kx


4 pA - 20 nA

1 pA - 50 nA


0.1 - 30 kV

3 - 30 kV


Thermal field emission type

Ga liquid metal ion source (LMIS)


In-lens: Annular type
Chamber: TV
In-lens BSD: Annular type



Gas Injection System

5 gases for selective etching, enhanced etching, material deposition, insulator deposition