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FEI Titan Aberration-corrected (S)TEM

Photo of titan microscope

This instrument is configured with a CEOS probe-side aberration corrector, which provides revolutionary performance in STEM imaging and microanalysis.

Alex Kvit

Capability: Imaging single atoms, and nanoscale Chemical and Structure analysis. With <0.08 nm spatial resolution Zcontrast STEM imaging, <0.1 nm spatial resolution HRTEM imaging. It is fully equipped for analytical analysis with EDS and electron energy loss spectrometers.

Impact: Applications range from determining interface structures with sub-Ångstrom resolution and chemistry with 
single-atom precision to imaging and analyzing nanoparticles in a multiple-target biomacromolecule labeling system.

Growth: The instrument was commissioned in February 2010 and has 10 research groups using it, including remote access from Puerto Rico Universities. Two industrial customers and 2 Midwest Universities are also regular users.

Emitter: Schottky field-emission electron gun
Acceleration voltage 200 & 80 kV
Point resolution = 0.239 nm at 200kV
Line resolution = 0.122 nm
Information limit 0.07 nm
EDS, EDAX, 128 eV resol.
Eucentric goniometer 45º and ± 30º)
Orius 2.6k x 4k fast CCD
HR GIF Tridiem
2k x 2k Gatan Ultrascan CCDs
EELS resolution 0.55 eV (TEM) & 0.7 e (STEM)
STEM mode, resolution 0.08 nm
Very low contaminations
Superior drift <1 A/min