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Fischione 1010 Ion Mill

Alex Kvit

Ion Source Type

Hollow Anode Design

Ion source settings range

Voltage: 0.5 – 6 kV, Current: 3-8 mA

Specimen motion

Full rotation (360º) or oscillation (0-+/- 179º)

Milling rate

Varies with material

Gas requirements

Argon equal to or greater than 99.998% and supplied at a pressure of 10psi (69 Mpa)

Microscope capability

200-2000X monocular microscope fitted with a CCD camera and color monitor

Turbo-molecular vacuum pump

70 lps (min). With no gas flow, ultimate chamber vacuum is 1 X 10-6 torr. Under normal milling conditions, the system vacuum is between 1 X 10-4 and 2 X 10-5 torr.