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Bruker D8 Discover diffractometer

Donald Savage

Ideally suited for rapid phase identification, stress analysis, and texture determination.  It also has mapping capabilities of ~0.1 mm lateral resolution and can be configured for small angle x-ray scattering (SAX).


Source and detector mounted are in a theta-theta geometry allowing easy measurement of powders.


Source:  Cu-Ka micro x-ray source with Montel mirror

-          Less than 0.1 degrees divergence

-          Spot diameter as low as 0.1 mm


Detector: Vantec 500 area detector

-          14 cm diameter active area

-          2048 by 2048 pixels

-          pixel size is 68 mm by 68 mm


Sample stage

-          x, y, z., Chi, and Phi motion

-          x and y range of 40mm